Ball Machine Membership

Ball Machine Membership

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This membership will give you access to our brand new Spinfire Pro 2 ball machine throughout the 6-month 2023 season.  The machine is accessed through a combination to the storage container where it is kept.  Lock combination will be provided on purchase of membership and free demos/clinics will be available to show you how to use it.  Click here to check out some of the drills you can do on your own!  Please note that the ball machine is not available for use during our busy Prime Time hours. 

Never Tried It Before?
Need a Demo 
Before You Decide?

Have you wondered about the ball machine but don't know how to use it?
These FREE clinics are designed to show off the new ball machine (and how user-friendly it is!). Dave will also show you a few drills for each shot in the game. Spaces are limited to 6 participants per session, so sign up early!

Thursday, May 18 (6:00–7:00 pm)
Sign Up for the May 18 Demo!

Thursday, May 25 (6:00–7:00 pm)
Sign Up for the May 25 Demo!

Sunday, May 28 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm)
Sign Up for the May 28 Demo!

Price reduced  for use for rest of season