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The following 3 tournaments are considered “social” tournaments, yet the games will still be competitive. This is achieved through a Team Tennis setup. 

Each team has 4 players of different levels and, while team members don't play together, their total games won count towards team points. Below is basically a round robin format for 16 players with 12 total matches (3 per individual) where everyone plays 3/4 of the time. This same format could be expanded to 20 players fairly easily if we just add one more level, or add a fifth team.  Final schedule will be based on number and level of sign-ups. 

Each day will have a different theme. For example, everyone wears white to Wimbledon and, of course, strawberries and ice cream will be served.  As these tournaments run on the weekend of the actual grand slams, professional matches will be playing during the day on the club big screen. The entrance fee is $20.00 per person, which includes balls, prizes, lunch, and a lot of fun. Registration will close four days prior to the event to enable scheduling.  Reserve your spot now!


The Fergus Tennis Club will be hosting 3 tournaments in the 2023 season.  

– The FTC "French Open" tournament  —  June 4, 2023.  

– The FTC "Wimbledon" tournament  —  July 9, 2023.

– The FTC "US Open" tournament  —  September 10, 2023.

Stay tuned for other tournaments being added during the season, and be sure to check back once we announce the opening of tournament registrations! 

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