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Volunteer Board Positions

The Fergus Tennis Club community and programs are made possible by the volunteers who give their time to help make the club what it is.  Below is a list of current positions that have been deemed beneficial for a well run club.


What is expected of me if I join the board and how long is the commitment?

Joining the board is a chance to shape policies, be a positive influence on the club’s direction. The board meets once per month from February thru May to plan, (average 1 1/2 hrs ea), and then usually just once over the summer to see how things are going and/or make any adjustments etc. There is a sense of camaraderie as some meetings are in a private home, some in a boardroom while others take place in a neighbourhood pub. The commitment on the board is typically 2 seasons, possibly in different roles.

Do I have to be on the board to help out?

Flexible volunteering options are available so individuals can contribute without committing to board membership or regular meetings. The list of roles highlight specific tasks or projects you can get involved in based on your interests and availability. All levels of involvement are truly appreciated. 


The President provides leadership to the Club and the Club’s Executive. Specific functions are chairing meetings of the Executive and managing other volunteers. The President should also be involved with all policy and major business decisions of the Club and work with the Treasurer in the overall financial management.

**The President shall be elected from among the Directors


Vice President


The Vice-President is the Executive member who most frequently does not have a specific function. This is often the person who has been identified as the successor to the current President.  As such this person is required to fill in for the President when that person is not available.



The Treasurer, in conjunction with other senior members of the Executive, is responsible for the financial affairs of the Club. The Treasurer has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that proper accounting and control procedures are in place so that all of the Club’s funds are properly accounted for.

**The Treasurer shall be elected from among the Directors



Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer takes responsibility for the orderly receipt, recording, and depositing of funds as well as the orderly payment of obligations and the recording of all cash disbursements. They ensure club insurance and OTA fees are paid as invoiced. Two hours per week March - October



The Secretary’s primary function is recording, preparing, and circulating the minutes of Executive and general meetings of the Club. These minutes are important to ensure that all decisions made at these meetings are properly recorded for future reference. This individual is to act as the liaison with outside school groups who are interested in renting out the courts. They develop the Club information brochure to be handed out to new members, and write editorials to the newspaper when required.


Clubhouse/Courts Manager

This individual is responsible for the general look of the club and grounds. This includes organizing the volunteers from the clubhouse committee for the annual putting-up and taking-down of nets and windscreens, annual pass code changes and arrange for water turned on/off by the township. This individual orders new equipment (if required) and liaison with the township for repairs we may need.  


Clubhouse Committee

Assist with the annual putting-up and taking-down of nets, windscreens and clearing the courts as requested by the Clubhouse/Courts manager.

**Ideally 6 individuals on this committee.  

**2 hours in the Spring and in the Fall



Maintains the members email distribution directory, and responds to or forwards email received from They also send emails out to “All Members” when requested by the board.  This is currently set up on MailChimp.  Average 1 hour per week, less after July.


Social Director

This person is involved in organizing social events at the Club such as the Spring and Year End Social. Typically, this person works in conjunction with other members of the Executive with respect to planning an event, having Creative prepare promotional information, and specific event delivery.



During the season, the Tournament Director is responsible for ensuring smooth operation of the general club tournaments; there are typically 3 general club tournaments held throughout the season. The Tournament Director should liaise with others to have the tournaments promoted via newsletter, social media, email etc. Additionally, the Tournament Director should create tournament draws and arrange prizes for the general club tournaments. The Tournament Director should attend each general club tournament, or find a proxy who is willing to attend in the capacity of a coordinator. This board member should offer advice to Convenors who are promoting other league tournaments. Estimated time commitment of 4 hours per tournament run + time attending the tournaments.


Junior Programs

The Junior Director is responsible for ensuring that a junior program is in place at the Club and that it is functioning properly. This would include the Junior Free Learn to Playweekend offered in the Spring to non-members, as well as the Summer Camp. These programs require promotion and scheduling Dave, but does not require your attendance at any of the events.  She/he should serve as an advocate for junior needs and concerns to the board



This person is responsible for programming and maintaining the website. Duties include gathering content from other directors, and then organizing and programming the information to ensure the website is up-to-date with key milestones for club events (includes registration links and images). 



This position involves designing (or hiring the design) of promotional materials including posters and advertisements. They will work with other board members on specific projects.


Social Media

This individual runs the Fergus Tennis Facebook page, posting pictures and posters as sent to them.  Answer social media enquiries and running ad campaigns, working closely with Creative and the board.  Currently the FTC only uses FB, but would love to expand to other media, particularly to keep the interest of the younger generation not on FB.

** Currently a total of 2 hours per season as very little usage at this time


Head Convenor

This position represents all the league convenors at board meetings and communicates outcomes, as several league convenors are not board members.  This individual typically manages one of the leagues themselves.



A convenor is required for each League within the club. These leagues are typically divided by level ratings and/or specific days. This position coordinates with other convenors and the board to establish days/times of each league, ideas as to the layout, colour levels, etc. Their role is to distribute a play schedule monthly or weekly as they decide. He/she would handle any issues that arise or take them to the board to be handled. Convenors are required for evenings, weekends or daytime, singles, doubles, ladders, drop ins and junior leagues.  Convenors are required from all levels of play, and no experience is required.

** Two current convenors advised that they spend approx ½ hour per week to run their leagues

** Prefer to just assist another convenor?  Perhaps gather and enter in weekly scores only?



Work with Pro Dave to decide how sign ups will be run the current season.  Post upcoming clinics on GameTime for signup.  Ensure accurate date and times have been posted on the website by IT.  Once it is decided the clinic will run, the balance of the month is entered.


Ball Machine

Ensures rules and regulations are communicated to all ball machine members.  Advises the board when equipment needs to be replaced and checks regularly to ensure all machines are in good working order.  Order new balls as required.